Someone had the onions to steal Rich Eisen’s 48-foot TV production truck

The "Pacific," which Rich Eisen's show had booked for its show in Miami on Thursday.


Sometime shortly after 10 p.m. Tuesday, a gigantic, 48-foot mobile television production unit nicknamed "Pacific," which The Rich Eisen Show had booked for its DirecTV broadcast in Miami, was stolen. The truck had been parked in a gated lot at TownePlace Suites in Miami Lakes near SunLife Stadium.  

Spoiler alert: At around 8 p.m. Wednesday, police recovered the trailer, which contains millions of dollars worth of equipment. Still, the why and how and where would anyone put it remains a mystery.

“That’s a very good question we’d like to know the answer to,” said Meredith Knight, a marketing manager for NEP, the company that owns the Pacific.

Because this is a pretty ballsy crime involving a humorous NFL analyst who tweeted about the Hunt for Blue Pacific while it was in progress, let’s go back in time to watch how it unfolded:

The white truck cab, which has an NEP logo on the door and a fairly distinctive design, remains missing. During the hunt, NEP sent another production truck so the show could go on at Sun Life Stadium in any case.

We’ll be keeping an eye on @_floridaman for when the perpetrator is ultimately brought to justice.

The Twitter handle @RichEisensTruck remains available for anyone who is so inclined.