Reporter face-plants on live TV while running to cover Pac-12 tourney

KVOA reporter Paul Cicala took a tumble Saturday while rushing to cover the Pac-12 tournament finale.

The one downfall of live TV is that there are no do-overs. KVOA reporter Paul Cicala probably wishes he could take a mulligan on a live shot he did before the UCLA-Arizona Pac-12 tournament final in Las Vegas on Saturday.

Cicala seemed to be in a bit of a rush to sign off and send things back to the studio, so he cut his pre-game live shot short and sprinted to the MGM Grand. Just as the producers were about to cut away from Cicala’€™s camera, he tripped and tumbled over a median in the street for all the station’€™s viewers (and the Internet) to see.

Check out the unfortunate tumble in the video below, with a hat tip to For The Win.