Current, ex-NFL players react to newly released Ray Rice video

Early Monday morning, TMZ released video showing the brutal punch that knocked Baltimore Ravens running Ray Rice’s then-fiancée unconscious.

Previously, the gossip website had disseminated shocking video from the now-defunct Revel casino in Atlantic City that showed Rice dragging Janay Palmer’s body from the elevator to the lobby floor, but the scene inside the elevator remained a mystery. Now, nothing is left to the imagination. It is horrifying. 

The NFL said in a statement Monday that it had not seen the full video that captured the entire altercation inside the elevator. Earlier reports about the NFL’s access to that video cast doubt on that position. In late July, the league banned Rice for two games, prompting public outcry and ridicule for its weak punishment of Rice. 

The release of this full video has triggered a second round of derision for the league and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, who after public backlash, decided to institute much tougher sanctions in relation to domestic violence. Current and former NFL players have taken to Twitter to express outrage and disappointment. Here’s what they are saying:


In the coming few days we will see whether the league takes some of these players’ advice.