Rangers and Flyers fans brawl in stands during New York’s Game 6 loss at Philadelphia

The Rangers had a chance to wrap up their first-round playoff series against Flyers on Tuesday night. They got worked over in a 5-2 loss that forced tonight’s decisive Game 7 at Madison Square Garden.

By the looks of some videos that are going viral this morning, it was a rough night for some Blueshirts fans, too.

In what is breaking news to no one, Rangers fans and Flyers fans don’t like each other. Mix in a blowout, possibly some alcohol, and well, you get this:

(WARNING: There is some NSFW language)

According to Deadspin, a couple of Rangers fans got a little overzealous with their taunts through the course of the game. The NY Daily News said the fight was in section 209 in the waning minutes of the game.

Here’s another angle of the skirmish:

(WARNING: There is some NSFW language)

The Rangers and Flyers have a long, storied history of disliking each other, as do their fans. At the 2012 Winter Classic, Flyers fans were videoed pummeling Rangers fans, knocking out one who was an off-duty police officer.

So much for this being The City of Brotherly Love.

(H/t to Deadspin)