The Bray Wyatt-Randy Orton main event at WrestleMania has been called off

Randy Orton took the shocking step on Tuesday’s SmackDown of passing up a chance to face Bray Wyatt for the World Championship at WrestleMania 33. 

Orton earned his spot in WrestleMania’s main event after winning the Royal Rumble last month and Wyatt punched his ticket by taking the belt from John Cena at Elimination Chamber.

But rather than set up a battle between two members of the Wyatt Family, Orton shocked fans on Tuesday by telling Wyatt he would not fight him in Orlando on April 2. 

“As long as you are the master and I am the servant, I refuse to face you at WrestleMania,” Orton said.

Instead, next week’s SmackDown will feature a Battle Royal to determine Orton’s replacement. 

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WWE is still keeping a tight lid on who will be in the Battle Royal, but they may have given us a hint at one of the participants when Luke Harper attacked Harper during Tuesday’s show. 

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