WATCH: Ravens suggest Rams P Johnny Hekker also took cheap shot in Rams-Ravens tilt

A day after Rams punter Johnny Hekker drew a personal foul penalty for blindsiding Seahawks defensive end Cliff Avril on a punt play, the Baltimore Ravens gave a wink to Avril by noting a similar Hekker incident.

Check it out:

That play, in which Hekker knocks down 228-pound Ravens safety Will Hill, occurred on Nov. 22 at Baltimore. Viewing the play from only this one angle, the hit appears less egregious than the Avril shot — but evidently something the Ravens didn’t forget.

“He squealed like a little girl,” Bennett said. “He’s trying to hurt Cliff. Cliff’s got a family too. He come and chips Cliff, what if Cliff blows his knee out? That’s just the kind of players they’ve got on their team.”

Hekker later apologized to Avril.

“It was a stupid play on my part,” Hekker said. “You don’t poke a bear.”