Proof that it’s really cold at Lambeau Field

Sometimes weathermen can be wrong.

I know, I know. That sounds crazy. But it’s true.

However, weathermen have not been wrong about today’s weather in Green Bay.

It’s really cold. These amateur weathermen standing outside of Lambeau before the 49ers-Packers game have all the proof we need to know we don’t want to be at that game today.

Some fans, however, are already unfazed by the low temps:

Green Bay Packers fans Jonah Traaseth and Eli Traaseth tailgate prior to Sunday’s game.

Some players apparently don’t give a heck, either.

While those guys look tough right now, they might change their tune a little bit when they see the SCARIEST WEATHER MAP EVER:

The ref of today’s game looks vaguely familiar:

Be careful out there, folks. Most importantly, do whatever it takes to make sure your beers don’t freeze.

It’s gonna be a long, cold afternoon/evening in Green Bay.