Pretty Sly twist: Broadway’s ‘Rocky’ gets surprise cameo

Producer Sylvester Stallone joins his Broadway counterpart Andy Karl during the first 'Rocky' curtain call in New York City.

Sure, there are plenty of duds in the long movie career of Sylvester Stallone. Remember this epic stinkbomb?

But at least the man has a kazillion-dollar career, and he has one Oscar-winning classic to thank. Now that legendary film has made its debut on Broadway.

"Rocky" is finally a musical, courtesy of producer (yes, you guessed it) Sly himself. And according to the New York Daily News, he surprised the audience Friday on stage during the curtain call with stage performer Andy Karl, the man charged with recreating Rocky Balboa’s on-screen magic from almost four decades ago when it shocked the world and won the Oscar for Best Picture.

“Stallone made a surprise appearance at the end of the show and even stepped into the ring,” a spy told the New York Post, which also reported that none other than Tom Hanks was in the crowd and even started Broadway’s first-ever "Rocky! Rocky!" chant.

Now, if you’re having trouble suspending disbelief enough to envision any of the original characters from the film version to sing — surely neither Mick nor Pauly seem the crooner type — well, Rocky does sort of bark out some tunes with his doggy buddy Butkus . . .

As for the original Rocky’s singing talent, he did jam in this non-classic flick co-starring Dolly Parton. (Yes, kids. This really did happen.)