Steelers have the most profane fan base when it comes to Facebook

Steelers fans have a propensity to use colorful language when posting on Facebook.

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Steelers fans need to clean up their language on Facebook.

A new study by Proofpoint Nexgate researchers reveals that the Pittsburgh faithful use profanity more than any other fanbase in the NFL.

From the study:

One can only wonder how much of the Steelers’ 6.1 percent is made up by Snoop Dogg.

The rest of the top five in "profane content percentage": Patriots, 1.13 percent; Lions, 1 percent; Bengals, 0.79 percent.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Panthers fans keep things clean when it comes to Facebook.

The study also broke down the most active fan bases when it comes to Facebook posts by compiling the number of comments made over a two-week span:

(Hat Tip: @DarrenRovell)