Pirates’ Sean Rodriguez has personally apologized to cooler after dugout beatdown

The Pittsburgh Pirates’ Sean Rodriguez completely lost his cool during a semi-brawl during the seventh inning of the National League Wild Card game against the Cubs on Wednesday night, and then he took out his frustration on a cooler in the dugout. A lot of frustration.

Rodriguez claimed it was Cubs catcher David Ross putting his arms around his neck that set him off. At any rate, you can watch Rodriguez’s Rocky-esque sparring session with the inanimate Gatorade receptacle at the end of this video.

In any event, Rodriguez was ready to make amends on Thursday — not only with Pirates fans and other baseball viewers, but also with the poor battered cooler, which, naturally, has its own Twitter account (@piratescooler).

Here’s Rodriguez’s statement:

Classy move by that cooler, which stayed in the game and continued to hydrate Pirates players for the final three innings. 

Cooler heads prevail. 


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