Destiny fulfilled: Pro water-skier who greeted fake Pete Carroll meets the real one

Last week, professional slalom water-skier Chris Parrish posted a photograph of himself with Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll, only it wasn’t actually Carroll, it was some other dude at Seattle’s training facility who only marginally looks like Carroll. 

Parrish got ridiculed far and wide for his gaffe on television and especially online. 

It remains perplexing how Parrish confused the two, but now there should be no doubt because this past weekend the water-skier got to meet the real deal (and present him with custom skis). The original photo is below.

This feels slightly suspicious, though, because Fake Pete Carroll turned up not only when Parrish met the real coach but also (it appears) with him at a showing of "Hercules" the other day. 

Did Parrish already know the guy? Did they instantly become best friends, and I’m just a cynical jerk?

I do know that Parrish thanked nearly half a dozen commercial entities related to water-skiing and nutrition in the Instagram posting he dispatched two hours ago, so at the very least, he’s turned his ridicule into profit, which is pretty shrewd.