Pro water-skier thinks he met Pete Carroll, actually (definitely) did not

Professional slalom water-skier Chris Parrish is remarkably better at carving water than he is at recognizing Super Bowl-winning head coaches. 

A few days ago Parrish visited the Virginia Mason Athletic Center, a large waterfront facility in Seattle where the Seahawks train. According to Parrish’s Instagram post, he had the opportunity "greet and meet" legendary coach Pete Carroll.

Only Parrish, who I must add has tremendous biceps, didn’t actually meet Carroll, or posted the wrong photo, or something.

Parrish posted a photograph of he and some dude in Seahawks shirt that anyone can buy at Dick’s Sporting Goods.

The bizarro Carroll is also a bit shorter, a few drops heavier, has speckled gray hair instead of Carroll’s nearly powder mane, and pretty much only resembles Carroll as much as he does a typical 50-something white guy in Seattle in a Seahawks shirt.

Here’s the photo, with this caption: "Great day at the VMAC and got to greet and meet legendary coach Pete Carroll !! Wow is all I can say !! #12th #Seahawks #superbowlchamps"

The man with Parrish probably would have a short career as a Carroll impersonator, though he’s skilled at giving handshakes and just going with the flow. 

If any of you are still mistaken, this is Carroll:

Actual Pete Carroll

[H/T LookIt]