The 13 most perplexing athlete gaffes on social media

Los Angeles Lakers rookie D’Angelo Russell’s secretly-recorded video showing Nick Young discussing infidelity in his relationship, which leaked on Snapchat for mass consumption, represents the worst of what social media can do to an athlete.

Despite the "prank" gone wrong, the rewards of social media outweigh the risks, and not all social media mistakes are created equal. Some are downright hilarious and serve as wonderful examples of human folly. Without further ado, here are the funniest athlete blunders on social media:

2. Metta World Peace posted this on Memorial Day… in May:

3. Former Ohio State Buckeyes QB Cardale Jones has a thought about the meaning of student-athlete:

4. Just Dwight Howard:

5. DeSean Jackson tried but failed at marketing, yet he attracted lots of publicity so maybe he won:

6. Sportswriting and social media isn’t easy, by Peter Gammons:

7. Michael Irvin was either messing with everyone or really needs a copy editor:

8. what. is. ozzie. guillen. doing?:

9. Chad Johnson (nee Ochocinco) was fined for tweeting during a game and then returned to Twitter to apologize:


10. The time that Lance Armstrong needed to get a new number:

11. Hey @Charlie… this is your coach, seriously?:


12. Sometimes it’s better to just take the favor and keep hush:

13. Jabari Parker… sure, maybe:

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