People in this photo of Adam Jones’s catch, ranked

U.S. outfielder Adam Jones grabs a catch above the wall for the out on the Dominican Republic's Manny Machado during the seventh inning of a second-round World Baseball Classic baseball game Saturday, March 18, 2017, in San Diego. (AP Photo/Gregory Bull)

With the United States protecting a 4–2 lead in the seventh inning of Saturday’s big World Baseball Classic game against the Dominican Republic, Adam Jones rose up and made a spectacular play to rob his Orioles teammate Manny Machado of a home run to center. It was super cool, watch it here:

Anyway, that produced a pretty amazing still photo of the play taken by Gregory Bull of the Associated Press:

There are some great characters in this photo. Allow me to rank them.

7. Backwards hat derp face guy

6. Little kid

5. Dude with his eyes closed, probably missing the whole play

4. Creepily disinterested fan

3. Idiot trying to help Machado homer

2. Super-interested guy in a super-boring hat

1. Captain America, Adam Jones

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