Pearl Jam paid homage to Ernie Banks when it played Wrigley Field

Eddie Vedder and Pearl Jam paid tribute to Ernie Banks when the band played Wrigley Field at Ernie's house in 2013.

David Banks/Getty Images

Pearl Jam understand the history of rock and the history of the venues the band plays.

So, when the band played Wrigley Field in July of 2013, lead singer and Cubs fan Eddie Vedder wanted to pay tribute to the man who ruled the Friendly Confines for many a year.

And after a seemingly never-ending rain delay — yes, they have those at rock concerts, too — Vedder and his bandmates went to work with the help of a Wrigley legend: Ernie Banks.

Vedder was wearing a Cubs jersey and beamed with pride as he introduced Mr. Cub to the thrilled throng.

Banks, who passed away Friday at the age of 83, came out and spoke to the crowd. Check out another Wrigley memory provided by Ernie Banks below: