It took five Super Bowls for this Patriots fan to get Tom Brady’s face tattooed on his ass

I don’t usually feel bad for Tom Brady but I can’t help but he think he might be a little unnerved when he learns that there is a picture of his face on a fan’s left butt cheek. 

Perhaps he’ll be alarmed that the man’s birthday suit now includes his own visage. Perhaps he’ll be insulted that he needed to win the Super Bowl for a fifth time before the fan pulled the trigger. 

On the day of the Patriots’ Super Bowl parade, an unnamed man walked into Boston Barber and Tattoo Co. on the city’s north side asked to get Brady’s mug—chin dimple and all—permanently etched onto his ass

Shockingly, this wasn’t just something the guy decided to do after hearing Rob Gronkowski at the parade ask, “Who’s getting wild tonight?”

“He had decided the night before that he was getting this done,” shop employee Emily Arsenault told “It wasn’t just spur of the moment. We had quite a few obnoxious people coming in, intoxicated from the parade. But he was actually probably the most calm one out of all of them.”

I suppose it’s better than getting Brady’s ass tattooed on your face. 

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