Pats DE Jones calls himself Gronk groupie, cheers ‘Tommy Boy’ in hilarious mic’d up video

Chandler Jones (center) will cheer for Tom Brady (right) whether Tommy can hear it or not.

Jim Rogash/Getty Images

[Please go here for the non-embeddable video; some more jubilation and a listing of Jones’ 5 best lines follow below.]

If you’re a football junkie, the video will serve as four of the best minutes of your day. Jones is like a ray of sunshine — a ferocious, self-entertaining, hard-hitting ray of sunshine — born to play football.

Early in the segment Jones and Gronk slam each other during warm-ups, encouraging a touchdown or sack (or two) from each other. And then Jones runs around cheerfully just waiting to smash someone.


The early part of the video shows Jones in action and then the best stuff follows as he cheers for Gronk and Tom Brady, when it washes over him that "Tommy Boy" can’t really hear him from the sideline. 

"It’s my cheer that counts," Jones resolves.  

1. On stopping the run to set up passing situations so he can maul offensive lineman/quarterbacks: "First we stop the run, then we gonna have some fun!!!"

3. After making an adjustment per coach Belichick on the field goal unit and slamming the outside man: "He doesn’t want to do it anymore. I got him good."  

5. On his desired attitude from defensive teammates: "You a young dog! I like that. That’s the heart I need."

Defensive end Chandler Jones, slightly abashed Gronk groupie.