Very ‘boring’ circumstances land Rockets’ Patrick Beverley in jail

Beverley (2) missed the team's Wednesday shootaround while resolving the matter.

Troy Taormina/Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Houston Rockets guard Patrick Beverley was arrested Wednesday morning during a traffic stop in Texas on an open warrant for "Operating a Motor Vehicle on Toll Road When Prohibited."

The Class C misdemeanor was tied to Beverley because he owed $321 on his EZ Tag account for tolls and a violation that he had failed to pay. Beverley explained that the violation letter may have gone to his former house and also that EZ tag may have charged an old, expired credit card, sending the wheels in motion.

The 27-year-old got the matter resolved and himself released from the Harris County jail in about two hours after obtaining a money order to pay the fine. And he was able to joke about it all later.


“It was very weird, man," Beverley said. "Especially me. I could have had a better story than that.”

“I should be the spokesperson for EZ Tag now,” he joked. “But for real, Houston drivers, remember, get your EZ tag updated. Make sure you got it all up to date because I guess it’s a real big crime down here."

Beverley acknowledged that the law is the law and said he was just happy to be back on the court later in the day before the Rockets faced the Nets.

[H/T Houston Chronicle]

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