Olivia Munn calls out media for connecting her to Aaron Rodgers’ struggles

Aaron Rodgers and Olivia Munn have been together since May of 2014.

Allen Berezovsky/WireImage

(Warning: This post contains NSFW language)

Actress Olivia Munn sent a series of angry tweets directed at the media, FOX Sports included, after becoming sports blogosphere fodder on Wednesday.

With Aaron Rodgers struggling over the past several weeks, some unintelligent Packers fans have been blaming his longtime girlfriend, Munn, for his woes.

Several websites, including this one, picked up the story. However, Munn feels that just opened the door for more commenters to spew their nonsense on this topic.

It wasn’t only so-called "fans" who were blaming Munn for Rodgers’ fall-off. An ESPN writer also speculated about Munn’s role in Rodgers’ recent play. Munn took direct aim at him.

The Packers have lost three straight since a 6-0 start. The first two were perfectly excusable — road losses to then-undefeated Denver and still-undefeated Carolina — before last week’s troubling home loss to the Detroit Lions, who entered the game 1-7. The usually efficient Rodgers threw for just 77 yards in the loss to the Broncos and has completed fewer than 58 percent of his pass attempts in three of the past four weeks.