Nuggets playfully troll Cavaliers with series of references to NOT LeBron

What are their names again?

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Nuggets host the Cleveland Cavaliers on Friday night and they’re braced for 36-year-old Shawn Marion, who’s averaging 2.8 points per game through four contests.

Yes, the Nuggets have a gameplan to shut down Marion and Tristan Thompson and most of the bottom 25-percent of the Cavs’ payroll.

Nicely done, Nuggets. Nicely done.

James issued his own message on Thursday, to Cavaliers fans anxious over the team’s 1-3 start. Quoting Aaron Rodgers, James said … "Relax."

LeBron says 'RELAX,' quoting 'the great' Aaron Rodgers