Novak Djokovic finds best way to describe how hot it was at Australian Open

One of the biggest stories from the opening week at the Australian Open was the incredible, life-sucking heat that dogged players and contributed to a rash of early-round retirements.

Triple-digit numbers were thrown around liberally. Thermometers were shown on the television. You could even find heat waves simmering on the court surface.

Any number of cliches would suffice to describe it. But Novak Djokovic, creative jokester that he is, decided to bring a verbal cliche to visual life to demonstrate the weather’s power just a few hours before his Friday night match against Uzbekistan’s Denis Istomin:

Yes, it appears that is an egg frying. Is it real? Was it really cooked on the court? Ehhh. Unlikely. It’s debatable whether this is even physically possible.

But either way, we get the picture. Wear white and stay near the air conditioning.