UNC’s student section has a bunch of ringers from Arizona State

Maybe it’s because the Tar Heels were here last year, maybe it’s because college students can’t afford a cross-country trip, but North Carolina was left with unsold student section tickets to Monday’s national championship game in Phoenix. The solution? Give them to Arizona State students. 

If you spotted a bunch of people in the UNC student section wearing plain white T-shirts, those weren’t UNC students at all. 

“ASU got us tickets for free because UNC didn’t sell out their student section,” a Sun Devils senior named Cory Nelson told For The Win. “So, they gave it to student organizations. I’ve got a buddy who works for athletics, and he sent me the link.”

FTW’s Andrew Joseph estimates that the UNC student section is actually about 70% ASU students, which seems absolutely outrageous. They really couldn’t get more than a couple dozen students there?

The Gonzaga student section, by comparison, looks much more robust. It’s the Zags’ first national title game, though, so that’s to be expected. 

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