No frontin’: Man bowls a 280 backwards and sets a world record

Don't look back: Andrew Cowen delivers a strike. 

via YouTube: @RecordSetter

Well, bowl us over: Andrew Cowen just rolled his way into the record books with a single-game score of 280 in Rockford, Ill., earlier this week.

What makes this pinteresting (see what we did there?) is that he bowled it all backward. Talk about a kingpin (or, um, a nipgink).

Cowen’s reverse tally breaks the previous backward bowling single game score record of 278 set in December 2006 by James Cripps in Clarksville, Tenn. 

Though it’s hard to say what’s most impressive: That Cowen got that single pin for the spare in the second frame, or that he was able to top that by bowling 10 straight strikes in a row. 

Or maybe we have it all backward, because he was able to do the entire thing without so much a look at the lane.

Talk about a mean backswing. 

Watch Cowen’s entire game below via (and no, this video’s not in reverse):