September was very significant month when it came to NFL player arrests

Former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez (center) was arrested and charged with murder on June 26, 2013.

Boston Globe/Boston Globe via Getty Images

After the prominent sagas involving Aaron Hernandez, Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson and a variety of players from the San Francisco 49ers over the past few years, the NFL finally has some good news when it comes to off-field behavior.

Not one NFL player was arrested in the month of September.

How unusual is that?

Take a look at how long it’s been since the league went a calendar month without one of its players getting in trouble with the law.

The stats are courtesy of Mike Rosenberg, a Reuters reporter who tweets data analysis on sports and other subjects.

According to this USA Today database of NFL player arrests, 33 players have been arrested in 2015, with the last being the Niners’ Ahmad Brooks on Aug. 26.

Some more stats courtesy of Rosenberg: