Reporter with same name as Bears safety got a lot of mean tweets after loss to Packers

Both of these guys are named Chris Conte. But only one of them is a professional football player.

Jonathan Daniel / via Twitter: @chrisconte

Chris Conte is a news reporter for WTVF, NewsChannel 5 in Nashville. Chris Conte plays safety for the Chicago Bears.

They are two totally different people yet some Bears fans didn’t realize that Sunday night after Conte, the professional football player, was burned on Green Bay’s game-winning touchdown in Chicago.

Let’s just say people weren’t happy with the football player and they let the reporter know about it Sunday night.

A lot of the tweets directed Conte’s way can’t be printed on this website. They were just too vile. After a while some fans decided to have a little fun with the situation.

Conte, the reporter, hoped something good would come from all of this: