CC Sabathia taking over Derek Jeter’s vacated Yankees locker

New York Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia has claimed some new real estate in the locker room.

Kathy Willens/AP

"I took it," Sabathia said, grinning, according to a report by the Wall Street Journal. "I’m going over there."

Before Sabathia staked his claim, clubhouse managers Rob and Lou Cucuzza also conferred with Yankees veterans Mark Teixeira and Brett Gardner.

While some fans might like to see Jeter’s space roped off like a museum, for Sabathia, who joined the team in 2009, the locker swap was motivated more by practicality than sentimentality.  

Asked if there was a "certain prestige" to calling Jeter’s old locker his own, he paused, then said, "No. I mean, it’s just a locker.”

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What’s great about the old Jeter locker is it’s proximity to the escape valve, which is basically the beachfront property of a locker room.

"It’s right next to the exit," Sabathia said. "It’s a good locker."

A spot near the bathroom is nice, too. That’s what motivated catcher Brian McCann’s jump to a new space this season.

“Brutal,” McCann said describing his 2014 locker next to the main entrance doors. “I hated that locker. Too far from the bathroom.”

Choosing a locker is like selecting a bed upon arrival at a guys’ weekend — get far away from your buddy who snores; in a locker room, that’s effectively the player who draws hordes of reporters, attention and questions.

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