Handwriting expert says A-Rod writes like a girl, has large ego

It was inevitable.

As soon as Alex Rodriguez released his bizarre letter of apology to the media on Tuesday, you knew there was going to be an outlet that would get an "expert" to analyze A-Rod’s cursive handwriting.

Most people would’ve probably expected the New York Post or New York Daily News to go this route, but instead it was The Wall Street Journal. The newspaper had Paula Sassi, a certified master graphologist for the past 35 years, examine A-Rod’s writing


What did she find?

"He writes like a girl," Sassi said. "Feminine writing is more rounded, with a lot of connections, which he has throughout this. And a right slant. Masculine writing tends to be more angled, straight up and down, maybe printed."

That wasn’t all, though. Sassi also saw a connection between A-Rod’s penmanship and his ego.

The capital ‘I’s’ — that’s where you see the personal ego," she said. "This is probably what gets him into trouble. He has a very strong-willed, independent ego. They’re so large, and printed. That’s the kind of capital ‘I’ where you say they’re very independent, and strong-willed."

As usual, there’s never a dull moment when it comes to Alex Rodriguez.