Victor Cruz has two sneaker closets; one just for his Jordans

There are many athletes who have insane sneaker collections.

Victor Cruz, however, is the first athlete we’ve seen who has two closets just for his sneakers — with one dedicated solely to his Air Jordans.

In the video from Complex Sports seen above, the Giants wide receiver takes you inside both closets and shares some of his footwear philosophy. For example:

On having two pairs of each sneaker:

"I keep one to rock and one to stock."

On his favorite thing about collecting sneakers:

"It’s more of the hunt for me. I like to hunt for the shoe. Once you get the shoe, it’s cool. You wear them and your friends love you and all that good stuff. But the hunt to get them is the best part."

On his daily sneaker routine:

"I wear two to three shoes a day. I go through many moods throughout a day."