Saints endorse QB Luke McCown’s ‘backup’ mantra from Verizon commercial

For proof that life often imitates art, behold the early September Verizon commercial featuring 34-year-old career backup quarterback Luke McCown. (Also, NFL quarterbacks often get injured.)

When McCown appeared in the 30-second spot (above) endorsing the idea that backups are prepared, unique snowflakes perhaps only lacking opportunity, he probably didn’t think he’d actually be starting a game this year for the Saints.

"I bet if they just had the chance," McCown said in the commerical, "some of those backups would really shine."

Well, wouldn’t you know it: The durable Drew Brees suffered a bruised rotator cuff on his throwing shoulder last Sunday against the Buccaneers and will miss his first start for the Saints since joining the team in 2006.

The 0-2 Saints are taking the misfortune in stride and showing support for McCown:

The handlers of the @Saints official account still have Brees’ back, though, and they’re getting downright cheeky. Check out the response to FiveThirtyEight’s data-driven urging to NOLA to move on from the face of their franchise:

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