New England whiskey company zings Peyton Manning over HGH story

Hey, at least Peyton Manning got a free bottle of whiskey!

The knives really come out during playoff football.

With the New England Patriots set to visit the Denver Broncos this Sunday in the AFC championship game, a New England whiskey company is having fun at Peyton Manning’s expense.

Sons of Liberty Spirits expects Peyton to be home on Feb. 7, watching the Patriots play in the Super Bowl. They wanted to make his day a little better, so they sent the Denver quarterback a nice bottle of whiskey.

However, they sent the bottle to Peyton’s wife, complete with snarky note.

You’ll recall that Al Jazeera reported that Manning allegedly had HGH delivered to his wife so he wouldn’t get busted, which Manning has denied.

(h/t New York Daily News)