Rob Gronkowski hits the beach with a bevy of beauties in new video

This picture sums up the Life of Gronk.

The fun, lovable, carefree Rob Gronkowski does a little of everything in a new video for

The Patriots tight end was the subject of a feature story and photoshoot, which included quotes such as:

* "People act like dancing is breaking the law and partying is a crime. Everyone thinks I’m in trouble 24/7, but what have I really done besides dance?"

* "My drink is usually vodka with water because it gets you hydrated and drunk at the same time. I never drink wine. There’s only one wine I like, but I forget what it’s called. It tastes like Sprite."

DuJour also released a video, in which you can see Gronk flex, do push-ups, splash around on the beach with a bunch of ladies, dress as a Roman gladiator, read, and play with a dog.

It's Great to Be Gronk from Dujour Media on Vimeo.

The video ends with this classic exchange between Gronk and the reporter:

Gronk: "I did make National Honor Society in high school. I kinda always did get good grades. Math was my favorite subject. English was my worst."

Reporter: "Well, you speak so eloquently."

Gronk: "I don’t even know what that word means."