Rob Gronkowski offers scientific explanation for ‘Deflategate’

The NFL can close the book on its ongoing investigation into whether the New England Patriots deflated footballs for Sunday’s AFC championship game against the Indianapolis Colts.

And that spike wasn’t even preceded by a "sexy dance," a move widely believed to increase the impact of a spike.

In other "Deflategate" news, the accusation rendered Tom Brady nearly speechless.

Brady told WEEI’s Dennis and Callahan. "I think I’ve heard it all at this point. That’s the last of my worries. I don’t even respond to stuff like this."

Meanwhile Patriots free safety Devin McCourty said the players simply don’t care about the controversy.

"We don’t care about it," he told CSNNE. "We put so much work in to going out there and giving ourselves a chance to win and to go out there and win big games that we won Sunday. Whatever they want to create, that’s for everyone else. We don’t care."