Fire alarm sounds for second time in three nights at Patriots’ hotel in Arizona [Updated]

Very early Thursday morning, a false fire alarm went off at the New England Patriots’ team hotel in Arizona, the second time it’s happened in three days.

NFL Network’s Kimberly Jones reported the wake-up call at around 4:45 a.m. local time:

A spokesperson for the hotel, Stephanie Sanstead, could not provide details about the most recent alarm, telling The Buzzer "we’re working on figuring it out."

"It was isolated to a completely separate wing of the resort and it was shut off quickly," Sanstead added.

Maybe the Patriots just need to get sleeping bags and spend the next three nights in their locker room at University of Phoenix Stadium. Fact: flashlight tag is fun at any age.

Update: Sanstead has provided the following statement:

Also, it appears that none of the Patriots were bothered by the noise:

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