YOU can be the owner of if the price is right on eBay

Brook Lopez of the Brooklyn Nets dunks during a game against the Thunder at the Barclays Center. If only securing were that easy for Brooklyn.

Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

The Brooklyn Nets do not own the domain For 20 years, it has belonged to New Mexico-based company Cyber Mesa Computer Systems.

Forbes reported that in 2012, when the franchise rebranded and relocated from New Jersey to the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, Cyber Mesa asked the Nets for $5 million for the rights to, which the Nets refused. From the Forbes report:

Fans of "The League" know that the quandary became the plot of a terrific episode involving Taco Corp. and Cowboys team owner Jerry Jones, played by the real Jerry Jones.

According to a Forbes source in 2012, is worth at least $250,000. There’s a "reserve" on the active auction (which ends at 6:30 p.m. by the way — so act fast!), which means the winning bid must exceed an undisclosed minimum price in order to actually win the item. The price isn’t right, yet.


The seller has some ideas (emphasis added):