Wife forcing pedicure on Georgia State coach Hunter: ‘Your toes look terrible’

Ron Hunter will have that foot cleaned up for Saturday's game against Xavier.

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Georgia State coach Ron Hunter has become a sensation this week.

As you know, Hunter tore his Achilles on Sunday while celebrating his team’s Sun Belt Conference Championship win.

On Thursday, when his son R.J. hit a game-winning 3-pointer to give the Panthers an upset over Baylor, Ron fell right out of the rolling chair he had to use as a result of the injury.

However, there is a price to fame. Hunter says his wife has not been pleased about her husband’s toes being exposed for the world to see.

These toes are unacceptable to Ron Hunter’s wife.

"My wife was telling me, ‘Your toes look terrible. You’re embarrassing our family with this.’ So I’m actually getting my first pedicure today," Hunter told SiriusXM’s "Morning Men" show.

"I don’t even know what a pedicure is. I don’t even know how you get it," he added.

Hunter, though, seemed excited about the benefits of getting his toes attended to in time for his team’s round-of-32 game against Xavier on Saturday.

"My feet will look so much better than the opposing coach. I hope he takes his shoes off so we can compare. It’s gonna be unbelievable that you can see the best feet in America along with a great basketball team."

Listen to Hunter talk about his big grooming event below.