‘CaddyShaq’ and ‘The Wedding Singler’ highlight latest round of #NBAMovies

Last we visited the official Twitter accounts of various NBA teams, the Hawks, Hornets and Mavericks were engaged in a competitive game of hangman to kill time in the hours leading up to the league’s annoucement of its 2014-2015 schedule. (The Hornets won.)

Now, still more than two months from the start of the regular season, at least a dozen teams have joined the Golden State Warriors’ #NBAMovies meme pick-up game. Basically, it’s movie wordplay plus Photoshop plus NBA players. More succinctly: It’s great, and some of the results are hilarious.

Following are our favorites — mostly from the teams themselves, though there are some great contributions from fans as well. 

Even the Spurs are playing along, though San Antonio didn’t bother mocking up any art for the goofy titles. Too busy winning championships, I guess.