Celebrate National Hot Dog Day with classic video of Mark Sanchez eating dog on sideline

Today is National Hot Dog Day and all over the web you’ll find stories on hot dog etiquette and facts about one of America’s favorite stadium foods. The hot dog has a special relationship with baseball, but we take this occasion to recall one of the most memorable hot dog moments in sports, which occurred on an NFL sideline in 2009.

A few years before Mark Sanchez and the New York Jets began to spin into dysfunction, Sanchez, now a member of the Philadelphia Eagles, attempted to privately gobble down a hot dog on the bench late in the game during a Jets’ 38-0 thrashing of the Raiders. Only cameras caught Sanchez, who really committed no crime, yet the sight of him drizzling mustard onto a hot dog and trying to hide it is really quite amusing. 

Sanchez later issued a mea culpa:

"I want to apologize for that. I wasn’t feeling very good and didn’t eat much before the game, so I was feeling a little queasy. Toward the end of the game, I probably should have eaten one of those bars or something, but someone offered [a hot dog], so I grabbed it and tried to be discreet about it, but obviously not discreet enough. So I shouldn’t have done that, and it won’t happen again."

And that is today’s moment in hot dog sports history.