Mystery trolls behind are 69-year-old mother and her sports junkie son

This is a net. Do you have nets to sell? Act now and bid for

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

The domain, a space on the web that the Brooklyn Nets have steadfastly refused to buy, belongs to 69-year-old Sante Fe business owner Jane Hill.

The New York Times revealed that Jane Hill and her 37-year-old son John Hill are the enterprising folks who have owned the domain (via the company Cyber Mesa Telecom) since 1996. For the past few years, the Hills have attempted to get the NBA’s Nets to pony up $5 million for the domain.

“We were determined not to be malicious in any way, but we did want to get a little bit of attention,” Jane Hill said.

It worked. In the first prank they perpetrated, showed a picture of Mark Cuban with a banner that read: "Looking for the New Jersey Nets? Looking for the Brooklyn Nets? They’re not here … but they SHOULD be!”

YOU can be the owner of if the price is right on eBay

The official website for the Brooklyn Nets is and the team appears content to keep it that way. Right now the domain up for auction on eBay. The current bid price of $90,760.00 has not met the undisclosed reserve price.

“The one compliment I take to heart is when people say, ‘This is the ultimate troll,’ ” John Hill said. “There’s some joy in that.”

Nearly $100,000 and the entertainment value of making a nemesis of Mikhail Prokhorov sounds like a pretty good deal to me.