This Mexican Monday Night Football commercial will actually make you want to watch Raiders–Texans

All week long, we’ve been seeing ESPN’s normal ads for this week’s Monday Night Football matchup in Mexico, and hearing all about the many preparations that are going into the game. Considering primetime ratings are down to begin with, and just about every outlet has been discussing the NFL’s game in Mexico for months, you’re probably numb to promotion at this point.

Well, the NFL posted a hype video/commercial of sorts on Monday that they’ve been airing in Mexico. And let me tell you, it’s absolutely electrifying. You’ll see aerial shots of Azteca Stadium, and highlights from the Raiders’ and Texans’ seasons, set over the Spanish radio call. It’s pretty sweet, especially for the Al Pacino reference.

So, yeah, maybe make it a point of emphasis to try to catch some of this tonight. If the hype video is any indication, it should be pretty fun.

– Kenny Ducey

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