Watch an MMA-trained gas station attendant destroy would-be robbers

Crime doesn't pay at this Fuel Depot.

Gas station clerk Mayura Dissanyake needs an immediate raise and possibly a promoter after thwarting a robbery attempt at a Fuel Depot in Houston.

Recently-released surveillance video shows two men attack Dissanyake’s co-worker immediately after the employee returned from a trip to the bank. Apparently the crooks had scouted the location but were not familiar with Dissanyake’s mixed martial arts practice. A native of Sri Lanka, where he said he competed, Dissanyake still trains five days a week in the sport. 

After noticing the attack on his co-worker, Dissanyake came storming outside and opened a can of justice that began with a powerful kick and a flurry of hooks.

Dissanyake saved his comrade, connected on nearly 100-percent of his shots, tripped up one of the criminals as the group attempted to get away (without the goods, it appears), and pounded the fallen robber who got ditched by his friends, keeping him on the ground until cops arrived. 

"I love it!" UFC president Dana White told TMZ. "Mixed Martial Arts is the new martial art that people are taking all over the world. Although I don’t recommend crime fighting … but dirtbags should beware."