Anonymous scouts are ripping into Tim Tebow

Four Seam Images/AP

The scouts have spoken, and Mets minor-leaguer Tim Tebow is…ugly?

Yep—when he plays the game of baseball, at least. The New York Post’s Dan Martin has a nice end-of-season writeup on Tebow, as his time at the Arizona Fall League winds down, and in it he talked to several scouts about what they’ve seen in the part-time college football analyst.

An American League scout called him “awful,” and a National League scout said he “stinks.” An executive hit Martin with the word “ugly,” adding when he is “in the field and at the plate, nothing looks natural.”


The 29-year-old got $100,000 from the Mets toward the end of last season after a thrilling workout in California that saw him hit some line drives and crash into a fence.

His time at the AFL has hardly been boring, however. To recap: he helped a fan who was having a seizure (potentially saving his life), went hitless in his first 12 at-bats, got a hit, got injured and then got a game-winning hit. If this fall is any indication, Tebow’s minor-league career will be exciting, even though it may be “ugly.”

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