Mitch Trubisky is now Mitchell Trubisky, so he really needs a nickname

Part of being a star athlete is having a name that rolls off peoples’ tongues. Kobe Bryant’s star status was definitely buoyed by people yelling “Kobe!” on the playground. The most famous quarterbacks are ones you can easily refer to by a single name: Cam, Brady, Montana, Peyton.

Mitch Trubisky was never going to be one of those names and neither will Mitchell Trubisky, as the top quarterback prospect asked to be called Friday. 

It’s not his fault, but Trubisky is just a clumsy name. That “isk” in the middle just lends itself too easily to mispronunciation, which is why he needs a nickname.

Fortunately, those mispronunciations have already given rise to a nickname: “Mr. Biscuit.” Shorten it to just “Biscuit” and we’re in business. That’s the kind of name that could be the subject of debate in barbershops and radio studios across the country. 

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