Oh, Canada! Miss Universe hopeful melts ice with hockey get-up

If you like this part of Miss Canada's costume, scroll down for the rest of it.

J Pat Carter

Ask pretty much any Canadian and they’ll proudly tell you: Hockey is bigger in Canada than any sport is in the United States.

But if pretty much any Canadian won’t do for you, see if Chanel Beckenlehner (aka Miss Canada) can convince you:

Yup, that’s Beckenlehner sporting an 18th-century style get-up complete with 11 hockey sticks (don’t forget the goalie stick in her hand), hockey socks under some impressive boots, and the topper — the Stanley Cup atop her head.

Oh, wait . . . you didn’t see the back.

OK, this is the topper.

This actually took place Wednesday in Miami of all places, as part of the 63rd annual Miss Universe competition. And this wasn’t even the most headline-grabbing moment of the event.

On Monday, an international controversy erupted when Miss Israel posted a selfie with Miss Japan, Miss Slovakia and Miss Lebanon. The photo sparked immediate controversy in Lebanon, with the country’s tourism minister saying action could be taken against Saly Greige, Miss Lebanon, "if there was bad intentions."

In response, Doron Matalon, Miss Israel, admitted she photobombed the other three.

Here they are in their costumes:

Miss Israel, Doron Matalon.

Miss Lebanon, Saly Greige.