Misinterpreted tweet leads to hilarious question from Brandon McCarthy

It’s pretty much common knowledge that Diamondbacks pitcher Brandon McCarthy is one of the best people to follow on Twitter.

One of the things that makes McCarthy great is his sarcastic sense of humor.

However, not everyone on Twitter is quick to pick up on this on all the time.

Unfortunately for McCarthy, this was the case on Tuesday afternoon after NBA commissioner Adam Silver banned Clippers owner Donald Sterling for life.

We will try to explain.

McCarthy retweeted this tweet by former Braves pitcher Mark Wohlers.

McCarthy quickly followed that up with his own tweet.

However, many people did not get that McCarthy was mocking Wohlers. The First Amendment — which protects citizens’ freedom of speech from government persecution — does not apply to private organizations like the NBA. McCarthy’s comment led to many people going off on him. Here’s a very small sample:

McCarthy then tried to explain that his tweet was in reference to Wohlers not being able to differentiate between the NBA and the government. This then led to the people who did not like Silver’s ruling to go after McCarthy.

Of course, the beauty of people not getting McCarthy’s point is that it led to more brilliance from McCarthy, who closed like Mariano Rivera.