Minor league hockey player bites opponent, gets match penalty

It appears biting an opponent isn’€™t limited to boxing or soccer or the National Hockey League.

In a Tuesday night game between two Central Hockey League teams, the St. Charles Chill’€™s John Snowden treated the forearm of Missouri Mavericks player Matt Stephenson like a castaway might treat a smoked turkey leg. Snowden took a big bite.

Previous incidents in the NHL lacked concrete video evidence showing one player biting another (people don’€™t forget, Alexandre Burrows), but that wasn’€™t the case here.

Video plainly shows Snowden trying to take a chunk out of Stephenson’€™s forearm.

Snowden and Stephenson each received five minutes for fighting, but Snowden was given an additional match penalty for the bite.

Also worth noting, the opposing team is the one who posted the video.