The Vikings’ Donut Club has executive board, serious rules, uniforms

Back in 2008, Gus Frerotte inadvertently laid the sugary glaze foundation within the Minnesota Vikings that’s since evolved into a full-fledged institution: The Donut Club. 

It all started when the then-Vikings quarterback brought in boxes of doughy goodness into the training room one Saturday, and they were consumed in a matter of minutes. 

“I just kept bringing donuts in because it’s a great thing to see when a guy sees fresh, big-ass donuts and they want to eat them," Frerotte told The MMQB.

Frerotte may have retired from the NFL after that 2008 season, but the dough continues to rise for the Vikings, as the Donut Club has grown into a full-on organization, complete with governing body, required uniform and etiquette that goes along with membership.

They still meet early Saturday mornings, but it’s now head athletic trainer Eric "Sug" Sugarman (yes, really) who delivers the goods (which are paid for by players). But all’s not just sprinkles and icing in this club:  

From The MMQB:

The full story is a terrific read.