Timberwolves playfully troll Kevin Love’s return by ignoring him completely

On Saturday, a certain former lottery pick by the Minnesota Timberwolves will return to the Target Center in Minneapolis after six seasons filled with double-double performances.

But that’s not the return the T-Wolves are celebrating when the Cavaliers come to town, as evidenced by the team’s hype video (above), titled "#TheReturn." 

The stunt is from the same playbook the Nuggets used last November when they teased the Nuggets-Cavaliers game, putting names like Tristan Thompson and Shawn Marion on the Twitter marquee above the likes of, say, Love and LeBron James.

Still, it’s a clever show from Minnesota, who rank dead last in the NBA with a 8-37 record (yes, both the Knicks and the Sixers have more wins with nine apiece). Maybe if the T-Wolves don’t laugh, they’ll cry.  

[H/T Burns/UPROXX]

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