Minnesota high schoolers go wild celebrating state championship, but goal is overturned

A wild scene unfolded in Saturday’s Minnesota Class A state hockey championship after Hermantown’s Tyler Watkins found the net in double overtime. The players tossed their gear high in the air and formed a mob in the corner, just like every other hockey celebration you’ve seen. 

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The celebration stopped, however, after the P.A. announcer said the goal was under review. (How crazy is it that they have replay review for high school games?) Sure enough, the goal was overturned and the Hermantown players had to begin the awkward process of gathering their gear. 

“We had to find our stuff, first of all,” Watkins told the Pioneer Press, “then get back out there and try to take the momentum back.”

Hermantown’s opponent, underdog Monticello/Annandale/Maple Lake, wasn’t able to capitalize on what might have been a crushing letdown for Hermantown. Senior defenseman Dylan Samberg scored the winner (for real, this time) with 19 seconds left in the second overtime. 

It was the second straight title for Hermantown and the kids got a police escort on their way back home. 

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