Paris Hilton presents as Brewers’ dog Hank wins ‘Dog of the Year’ award

Hank takes a break in the dirt at the Brewers' spring training facility in Maryvale, Ariz., in February 2014.

Lance Iversen/Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

Paris Hilton presented the evening’s top prize in kind of a surreal moment (which you can watch here) for your perhaps uncultured writer who has never seen an award show for dogs, let alone one with dog-loving socialite presenters. Watch that video and you’ll see it was a pretty awesome spectacle.

Hank had some stiff competition for the top honor, namely Stella from ABC’s "Modern Family" who did win "top TV dog."

But back to the world of sports: Jr. Smokey, mascot for the University of Tennessee Volunteers, took home the hardware for best mascot.

Lastly, I’d like to direct any of you who think this is all ridiculous to Tina Fey’s joke at the Golden Globes about George Clooney’s lifetime achievement award.

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