Jordan ‘absolutely loves’ Angels’ Trout, wanted to be weatherman

Judging from a response during a Q&A session at his 20th annual basketball camp, Michael Jordan might like to be like another Mike: Los Angeles Angels outfielder Mike Trout.

Asked if he could add another member to Team Jordan — from any sport — His Airness pointed to the 2014 AL MVP.

"I am a big fan of Trout, the baseball player," Jordan said (at the 3:08 mark). "I absolutely love him. I wish I could hire him. But he’s Nike, so I can’t steal Nike’s guys."

He probably didn’t need to clarify Trout as "the baseball player."

But here we are talking about Jordan’s admiration of Mike Trout, something I find really interesting given the legend’s baseball sabbatical between NBA three-peats.

Of course, I’ve also buried the lead: MJ wanted to be a weatherman?! I’m not sure meteorology is a sport but let’s just roll with it.


[H/T Bay Area HQ]

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